Kärcher munkavédelmi cipő

Kärcher munkavédelmi cipő

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VD PRO 1580 ESD. Safety shoe EN ISO 20345:2011 S2 SRC. Certified for german insole treatment. Leather-Insole. Protection against electrostatic discharge. Aluminum toe cap. VARIO® Multiflex technology. Original multi-width system.  FEATURES: Light-weight microfibre, seamless shoe design. Dust flap, Shaft applications, Aluminum toe cap. Breathable, functional lining. Leather insole.

Comfort insole ERGO-SOFT ESD. OUTSOLE: TPU Athletic ESD: Outsole with a profile of 3.5 mm. With increased protection against twisted ankles, reduced lever arms. Supports the natural movement. Light and flexible. Very good scuff resistance and anti-slip properties. Heat-resistant up to approx. 120° C. CUSHIONING: VARIO Multiflex® Technology: Lever arms of the shoe force the foot to make unnatural movements and can lead to foot and Achilles tendon complaints, knee pain and back problems. Furthermore, lever arm forces can increase the risk of injuries such as sprained ankles. Lever arm reduced shoes are characterized by lower heel heights, increased insertion depth, softer material and lesser thickness of the sole, which is rounded in the peripheral areas. A result of the VARIO Multiflex® technology is the multiflexible outsole. Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back - Better living and Federal Association of German Back Schools.

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